Barbados 5 Day 4 Nights Culinary Getaway ( offered year round)

Join Caribbean Culinary Tours and Chef Freda as we head to Barbados for a 5 Day 4 Nights Week-end Culinary Island Getaway.

Your 4 day package will include:
Accommodation at Pomme Marine hotel, located within walking distance of the beach,
Local Excursions
A local cruise
cooking lessons from a local Barbados Chef,
cooking class,
Local Cruise
Airport Transfers

The Barbados Story:
Barbados is Situated outside the main arc of the Caribbean Island .The Island was claimed by the British crown in 1625.And is now an independent state. The Island has a population of 2,57.082 who mostly lives in the Island Capital Bridgetown. Barbados is famous for its great beaches, rolling hills, fine cuisine, and friendly people.
Barbados culinary delights:
Barbados is also famous for its flying fish( hirundicty affins) A glistering silver like fish that glides out of the sea swells with outstretched wings, in the awaiting nets of the local fishermen. Flying fish is prepared in various ways from flying fish pate, to fried flying fish served with bajan cou cou a cornmeal and okra mixture a native staple of Barbados and some of the other Islands

Depending on your flight schedule you will be picked up from the airport and dropped off at the Pomme Marine hotel where we will be staying. A light lunch or dinner will be served
We will meet for breakfast and tour briefing, We will later Tour the Ositin’s Fish market and Enjoy local fish at it’s best at the Oistin’s Friday night fish fry. We will head back to our hotel and prepare for our next day event.
We will head for an early morning tour of the local farmers market the Bridgetown market, where you will get to witness the center hub of the island local farmers, huskers, and food vendors, You will get to see and learn about the island culinary heritage through its local fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs, After our excursion we will stop for a local breakfast at one of the local Island Restaurant We will later enjoy some local shopping in Bridgetown. Back at the hotel you will enjoy a cooking class hosted by a local chef using some of the ingredients we bought at the market. Dinner will be served featuring the dishes prepared

All day excursions After breakfast, its time to tour the Barbados Museum Where the History of Barbados comes to life. The Museum is set in a beautiful nineteenth century buildings where the island rich heritage and culture are depicted through exhibitions of natural history. Flowered by a Local catamaran dinner cruise. You will enjoy a luxury Catamaran boat cruise, enjoy the view of the Caribbean marine life through this wonderful cruise Lunch, Drinks and Snorkeling equipment will be provided on this cruise Dinner on your own or return to the villa for snack buffet dinner There will be time for last minute shopping or doing something on your own.
Be pampered with our relaxing morning Beach Spa treatments depending on your flight schedule. Good bye and farewells, bus will transfer you to the airport
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