Chocolate and Cooking Vacations in Belize

Come and experience first-hand the culinary wonders of Belize. You will learn to transform high quality organic cacao into chocolate with a one-day chocolate making class. Also, you will enjoy a snorkeling excursion while the crew dives for conch, lobster, and crab; sip tropical cocktails; and enjoy lunch on the river boat. Learn the art of fish filleting as you prepare the fresh catch of the day for a seafood-style BBQ. Roast your own coffee, returning home with a custom coffee blend; relish authentic Belizian meals featuring organic ingredients from the Belcampo farm; and more.


  • Guided farm tour in Toledo District
  • Hands-on artisan chocolate making class
  • Visit to a rum distillery with a cocktail making class
  • Snorkeling excursion with lunch onboard
  • 2 rehydrating spa treatments
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 5 day(s) with instructions
  • English, Spanish
After your arrival, snorkel with chef Freda and a local chef and enjoy your days catch with an outdoor seafood-style barbecue excursion completed by lunch and beverages. Learn the art of fish filleting as you prepare your fresh catch.
The bean-to-bar chocolate making class offers you a very unique opportunity to understand and participate in the entire process of transforming high quality organic cacao into chocolate. You will visit an agritourism center and experience two hours of hands-on, artisan chocolate making. Each class is led by a Belcampo chocolatier and includes a tour of the farm focusing on cacao and spices, a brief history of chocolate, an introduction to truffles and confections, as well as tempering chocolate and perfect pairings.
Today, you will join a Belcampo guide in your safari style Land Cruiser for a fascinating inland tour to Belize Spice Farm in Golden Stream. This 15 year old farm specializes in growing many of the exotic spices you might know, but have probably never seen growing, such as black peppercorns, vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, and cinnamon. Stroll through the edible landscape with a local guide who explains growing, pollination, harvesting, and post harvesting techniques.

Afterwards, you will enjoy lunch with non-alcoholic beverages at Colemans Caf and then, you will visit the charismatic Eladio Pop in the village of San Pedro Columbia. Eladio was featured in the documentary The Chocolate Farmer. You will visit his home and family of 15 children and learn how cocoa is transformed to chocolate in the traditional way – hand ground on a metate. It is an authentic local experience you will never forget.

Today, you will enjoy two rehydrating sugar scrub spa treatments, incorporating locally grown brown sugar and cocoa.
The Belcampo Belize Rum project is the company’s most ambitious undertaking to date. From the late 1800s until the 1970s, the Belcampo Belize property was a sugar cane plantation and rum distillery making the beloved Rocky Run Rum. Caribbean Culinary Tours has located the original noble purple varieties of cane and are currently cultivating 80 acres. These plants will be transferred to their Big Falls Farm, a 3000-acre property only 20 miles away, which is a rum distillery.

Caribbean Culinary Tours is working with cane industry experts and educators from Louisiana to El Salvador to produce an organic, heirloom cane with great flavor and yields as well as partnering with Serralles Distillery in Puerto Rico, the makers of Don Q rum, to bring the fine art of distillation back to southern Belize. Resident cocktail experts will instruct you in the art of mixing three classic rum cocktails. You will learn how to combine farm fresh ingredients with an array of Caribbean rums and local spirits.

If you have some time off before your flight, you can relax by the beach for a few hours. Later on, you will be transferred to the airport.
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