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Caribbean Culinary tours will be hosting it Spring/ Summer 2012 culinary student tour on the Islands of Barbados, Jamaica, and St Lucia. Join  tour host Caribbean born chef Freda Gore for one week, of Caribbean Culinary Splendor. learn the art of authentic Caribbean Style cooking with hands-on cooking classes with island chefs, market visits, rum distillery and foodie tours, local excursions to historical sites, while enjoying the world renowned Caribbean hospitality, food, music and local culture.

Tours are open to 15 0r more Culinary arts students presently enrolled in a culinary arts program along with their instructors, Students will  experience the unique authentic cooking  of the Caribbean, along with educational culinary tours, local dining, and local guest chef visits.

Freda Gore

Jerking things up in Jamaica

The Islands food culture:

The Caribbean food’s shows the personality of the regions itself bringing together the indigenous taste of the islands early inhabitants the Carib and the Arawaks Indians. Blended with the African flavors introduced by the early slaves and European colonial influences. Blessed with an abundance of seafood,spices, vegetables, and tropical fruits all combined together creating dining delights

The Barbados story: Barbados is Situated outside the main arc of the Caribbean Island

The Island was claimed by the British crown in 1625.And is now an independent state. The Island has a population 2,57.082 who mostly lives in the Island Capital Bridgetown. Barbados is famous for its great beaches, rolling hills, fine cuisine, and friendly people.
Barbados culinary delights
Barbados is famous for its flying fish( hirundicty affins) A glistering silver like fish that glides out of the sea swells with outstretched wings, in the awaiting nets of the local fishermen.

Flying fish is prepared in various ways from flying fish pate, to fried flying fish served with bajan coo coo a cornmeal and okra mixture a native staple of Barbados and some of the other Islands.

Jamaica  is the third largest island of the Caribbean, after Cuba and Hispaniola, It lies 90 approximately 90 miles south of Cuba. It is a land of sharp sharp contrast: mountains, lush green forest, wide rivers, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking beaches.

Jamaica boast a scrumptious cuisine which have been getting an international following includes,Ackee and salt fish, curried goat, hard dough bread, Jamaican patties, and the famous Jerk ( Chicken, pork, or fish) which is a hot pepper based rub or marinade used to season meat.

Jamaica is also famous for its blue mountain coffee, which is grown and harvested in the Blue mountain slopes of Jamaica

St Lucia’s Culinary Delights

St Lucia is one of the quieter of the Caribbean lesser Antilles, termed as unspoiled by most of the Island visitors. The Island enjoys every thing its bigger neighbors have, great pristine beaches,beautiful natural rainforest and lovely luxury resorts, wonderful smiling people,and a great culinary heritage with dishes such as St Lucian Callaloo, Green pawpaw Gratin. Soused green Bananas, and spiced Banana Bread

We invite you to experience this fusion of Island flavors, adventure and culture, through Hands- on cooking, Tasting,Touring, and Shopping, and meeting some of the world’s most friendliest people.

Price: Prices are based on time of the year, hotel accommodation, airfare, size of group,meals, tours, and activities/ classes requested. Caribbean Culinary Tours will negotiate the best price possible for your student group  Rates start from $ 1999.00 per Person

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Sample of Our one week Culinary tour consist of the following:
( This is a sample contact us to customize your student tour needs)

Arrival and welcome
Afternoon check in at Villa
tropical cocktails and dinner

Guided tour of the Fresh produce market
Lunch and Shopping on your own
Return to the villa for afternoon cooking lesson
Relaxation and pool side cocktails
Three course dinner as prepared in the lesson
After breakfast you will visit and tour the local fish market.
Return to the villa for lunch and afternoon cooking lesson with fresh seasonal ingredients found
at the market
Three course dinner as prepared in the lesson
After Breakfast you will Visit the the local Barbados Rum distillery
Lunch at a local Restaurant
Lunch will be hosted with hands on demonstration from the local Restaurant Chef
Return to the villa for a light Dinner and tropical smoothies
After breakfast you will enjoy a glass bottom boat cruise, enjoy the view of the Caribbean marine life through this wonderful cruise
Beach picnic lunch and barbecue
Dinner on your own or return to the villa for snack buffet dinner
After breakfast, its time for shopping which will include a trip to the local farmer market, back to the villa for lunch and afternoon cooking lessons using fresh seasonal ingredients found at the market combined with local Island liquors found at the distillery.
Three course dinner as prepared in the lesson
Goodbye breakfast and farewells bus will transfer you to the airport
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