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Jamaica Culinary Tours: A Taste of History is the brainchild of two sisters, Anne and Janet Crick. They have poured their passion for history, culture and food into the development of creative culinary tours that present an authentic story of the Jamaican people told through the intriguing melting pot of their culinary history.
Having successfully launched their first tour in 2013 and rapidly racked up glowing five star reviews from their patrons, they now offer two unique and authentic culinary experiences. Their tours take guests off the beaten track, showcasing the island’s fascinating history and heritage which is inextricably linked to its cuisine.


In a two and a half hour guided walking tour of the historic town of Falmouth, guests on the Falmouth Food Tour have a chance to savour the flavours of contemporary Jamaican cuisine which has been seasoned, marinated and steeped in centuries of history. Through five food and beverage tastings, they learn what plantation life was like when “Sugar was King”, and how the life and rhythm of the sugar plantation shaped the culinary practices and traditions of the Jamaican People. This historic journey explores how our ancestors used creative cooking methods and a fusion of culinary practices from multiple cultural influences to develop dishes that sustained our people through the periods of slavery, colonialism, wartime and into independence.

In between tastings of the local fare and animated interaction with the friendly local Falmouth residents, guests have a chance to view some of  …/2

the historic gems of Falmouth, said to have the best preserved Georgian architecture in the Caribbean!


Our one of a kind Nyam An’ Guh Weh (Eat and Leave!) tour takes guests on a culinary and cultural journey back in time and into the belly of our Jamaican history! This combo walking and bus tour kicks off in the historic town of Falmouth where guests savour the delightful legends and tastes of traditional Jamaican cuisine handed down to us by the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island. Leaving Falmouth, they journey across the parish border into the lush ‘garden parish’ of St. Ann where Columbus first landed, declaring our island ‘the fairest isle that mine eyes had ever beheld’.

As they continue on their intriguing gastronomic trail, our guests traverse through a melee of curious townships and villages, and along the breathtaking coastline as they eat and drink their way towards the island’s tourism mecca of Ocho Rios.  In quaint, off-the-beaten track locations, they sample authentic Jamaican cuisine in diverse settings, ranging from streetside casual to the elegantly rustic. On this five and a half hour tour, our guests are embraced by the warmth of Jamaican hospitality as they experience the “real” Jamaica and glean an insight into the taste and folklore of our Jamaican cuisine – a wonderful melting pot of different races and cultures blended together with a rich history and heritage.

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